K Street, DC Real Estate

In many respects, the K Street community is really downtown Washington. Almost entirely commercial in nature, it encompasses some of the most important buildings in the Executive Branch, including the White House and the Treasury Department.  There are three historic parks that help define the area, Lafayette Square directly to the north of the White House, McPherson Square, slightly to the northeast, and Farragut Square on the northwest corner.

Quality of Life:

If the energy surrounding our nation’s affairs suit your tastes, this is the place to be.  Major national and international events tend to bring folks to Lafayette Park to protest or praise, and when the quadrennial Inaugural Parade ends in your backyard you know you’re in the middle of the seat of power.  High-end restaurants, retail and office space dominate the non-federal landscape.

Getting Around:

Pennsylvania Avenue used to be the main traffic thoroughfare, but security concerns shut down the area in front of the White House years ago – it is now a wide open pedestrian plaza.  There are three Metro stations: McPherson Square, Farragut West and Metro Center.  And for a select few – like the President of the United States – a helicopter landing in the back yard is the preferred mode of travel.


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  <5 miles
Washington-Dulles International Airport:  < 27 miles
Baltimore-Washington International Airport:  < 32 miles

And for the President, Andrews Air Force Base: 5 minutes by air



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